Studio Policy


Lesson Policy and Information


1. Lesson Fees


1.1 My lesson rates are $20 for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 minutes, and $36 for 1 hour.  If my rate is above your ISD's rate please note that most school schedules no longer allow for full 30 minute lessons.  In-school lesson contracts between ISD and instructors only guarantee students 20-25 minutes for the posted lesson rate.    

1.2 In addition to lesson charges, each family will be assessed a Music Teacher's Helper Administration Fee of $15 per year.  This fee will appear on your October invoice.  This fee will be prorated for students who join January through August.  


2. Payment


2.1 Lessons will be billed in advance on a monthly basis.

2.1a An invoice/bill will be emailed to the email address listed on your account.

2.2 Payment is due by the lesson following the due date indicated on the invoice.

2.2a If payment is not made by the second lesson following the due date indicated on the invoice, that lesson will not be given and will be counted as a missed lesson.

2.2b Balances that are over 30 days past due will be assessed a $10 penalty and $10 for every subsequent 30 day period that the bill is over due.

2.2c Seriously delinquent balances will be reported to the student's band director, which may affect the student's grade in band.

2.2d Please inform me as soon as possible if a payment can not be made or if you think that there may be an error in your bill.

2.3 Payment may be made by check, cash, or credit card through PayPal.

2.3a Please make checks out to Brian Conklin.


3. Scheduling and Attendance


3.1 All lessons will take place at my home studio.  

3.2 Once a day and time is assigned, that will be the student's lesson time until it needs to be changed by either the student or instructor. You may view your assigned lesson time through your Music Teacher's Helper account.

3.3 If you have set up your account to accept reminders, a scheduled lesson reminder will be emailed each week two days before the next lesson.

3.4 It is the student's sole responsibility to attend each lesson on time. Please remember that you are purchasing my time, which is a finite product that could be purchased by another student.

3.4a If a student cannot attend his or her lesson, the lesson must be canceled as described in the cancellation policy. (Please see section 4. Cancellation Policy)

3.4b If a student arrives late to his or her lesson, the lesson will be truncated to end at the scheduled time and no credit will be given for missed time.

3.4c If any loss of lesson time is caused by the actions of the instructor, the student will receive a credit equivalent to the amount of lost time.

3.5 Lessons that fall on School Holidays, Teacher Workdays, and Delayed Openings will not be automatically canceled because no lessons are given on school property.  Please consult your invoice and MTH account to view your lesson schedule for the month.   


4. Cancellation Policy


Lessons must be canceled by 9 pm the night before the lesson. When a cancellation is made before the 9 pm deadline accompanied by a reasonable excuse, I will issue a credit to be used toward the next month or a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If you cannot give notice by the deadline, please notify me as soon as you are able to do so. I will consider all late cancellations on a case by case basis. You may cancel lessons by phone, email, text, or through your Music Teacher's Helper account.  In the case, that you have verbally communicated that the student will miss an upcoming scheduled lesson, please follow up in writing via email, text, or your MTH account.  Lessons that are scheduled and not attended without notification are automatically counted as “missed.” No credit will be given for lessons that are classified as “missed.”. Finally, students and parents are solely responsible for canceling a lesson.  Lessons will not be automatically canceled for school holidays.  If you are unsure that you have a lesson scheduled, please consult your MTH account or invoice.  If you need to cancel a lesson, due to inclement weather or hazardous road conditions you may contact me to do so without being charged.  In the case, that you have verbally communicated that the student will miss a future scheduled lesson, please follow up via email, text, or your MTH account.  

5. Expectations


I realize that students are very busy, and that music is just one more part of their busy schedules. Despite the fact that private lessons are optional, I strongly believe that lessons are one of the most beneficial factors in a student's success in music. However, students need to practice and incorporate what is learned in lessons into their playing to benefit from lessons. I expect to see improvement, if only a minimal amount, each week. A lack of improvement means that the student is not actively working on aspects of his or her playing that need to be addressed during individual practice sessions and band rehearsals. Practicing is better evaluated by the quality of the practice session rather than the length of the session. With that said students should schedule a daily practice session of at least 25 minutes. It is certainly normal to skip one or two practice sessions per week, but it is not acceptable to routinely avoid practicing. Students who routinely refuse to practice fail to perform at an acceptable level and reflect poorly on my studio and reputation.  To that end, I will keep parents and students informed on how I think lessons are going.  If the student fails to comply with a suggested practice schedule, he or she will be dismissed from the studio at the end of the month.  Students also must bring their books, etudes, and additional materials to each lesson.  In addition, it is very important that the student's instrument is properly maintained and in good working order at each lesson.